Grinding Machine

Grinding Machine
Grinding Machine
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Product Code : RGM
Product Description

Through different data of counter pile/ pile gear component, to get any kind feather of raising effect. This machine is suitable for woven and knitting fabrics by different equipments. We equip device suitable for open-width and tubular form raising treatment.


  • Zero-point raising rate Auto calculation and display.
  • C/PILE, PILE RPM auto calculation and display.
  • Tension roller / guiding roller RPM Auto calculation and display.
  • During movement, stepless speed adjustable by electric to make operation easy and time economical.
  • Easy for personnel training and allow for digitalized management, it can pre-set according to fabrics process condition, to match synchronization function, through micro processor will be attained raising effect.
  • Various setting values of the speed of C/Pile, Pile and the guiding of the fabric are capable to attain instant synchronizing on stopping with the rotating speed of the raising drum, it will not cause uneven effect of fluffing due to being not synchronous on the initial stage of starting or the halting of deceleration, and reduce the phenomenon of the twining of the fabric resulting from the rolling of the fabric in the raising roller on starting to minimum degree.


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